Popular American television host, Steve Harvey, has been sharing his first-hand experience from the slave dungeon of the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana amidst tears.

Steve who was in Ghana as part of the Year of Return initiative shared the emotional encounter with a group of people in Botswana as he sought to use the encounter to preach oneness of black people irrespective of where they find themselves on the globe.

You and I are the same, when I’m walking around Botswana, I ain’t no stranger. Y’all mine and am yours, said Harvey to the crowd who listened attentively.

He also told the gathering about the pain he felt as he visited Ghana’s Castles, from where slaves were shipped to America and Europe.

The Year of Return marks exactly the 400th year of African slavery.

The popular American comedian and television host said the second-worst day of his life was seeing and feeling the horrors that had transpired in the dungeons of the castles, adding that the worst day of his life was the day his mother died.

How dare they strip Africans of who we are, an emotional Harvey questioned.

I was just angry at what they did to us. How dare you create such an evil scheme to strip people of who they are and take us to this land, far away from where we were hated even more. Standing in the dungeon, where they took us from, what they stripped us of, our heritage, our land and our lineage, where we were kings, chiefs, queens and landowners, he narrated.

Harvey said for him and his fellow African-Americans, coming to Africa was like coming home to a place they have never been before.

America is a land of opportunities, but it has problems for us [blacks],” he said, referring to the racism blacks suffer in America.

He concluded by telling his audience that despite how successful he had been in America and the wonderful life he had created for his family, he wanted nothing more than to come home [Africa].

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