A video of Prophet Nigel Giaise purportedly prophesying about the military invasion at Ashaiman has popped up, garnering divided opinions on social media.

Since the start of the week, there has been unrest at Ashaiman following the murder of a young soldier and in retaliation, members of the Armed Forces brutalised civilians in the area.

There have been several reports of assaults and video evidence of the inhumane treatment meted out to the innocent townsmen.

The incident, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, revealed he saw in the spiritual realm some time ago.

To bring veracity to his claims, he shared a video of one of his previous sermons where he spoke of military personnel flooding the street of a West African country.

He is quoted to have said that “…God opened my eyes to see soldiers on the street of a country in West Africa. It may be Ghana or Nigeria.”

Prophet Nigel Gaisie prayed for redemption and to avert the prophecy.

According to him, God has empowered some men to see ahead of time, and he strongly believes he fits that category.

Watch video below: