A new video, which is currently going viral, has shown a young man pushing a wheelbarrow on a major road and even joining and obeying traffic regulations.

The video showed the young man very busy while in the traffic and was seen not doing any overtaking.

One would wonder why the young man would choose to push his wheelbarrow on the major road and even stay in traffic when he can push it freely on the ears of the road.

The man had what looked like a shovel or pickaxe in his wheelbarrow and religiously followed the traffic regulations on the road as if he was driving a car.


Another surprising bit of the video was that though the man with the wheelbarrow was sort of causing vehicular traffic, the cars that were behind him did not complain but waited patiently for him to move before they did.

One would also wonder if the man with the wheelbarrow was not in a hurry to be wasting all the time in ‘unnecessary’ traffic when he could move about freely.

The video appeared to have been taken by someone who knows the man with the wheelbarrow.