A middle aged Woman by name Kokro has been accused of using a young boy for money rituals.

The woman was alleged to have approached a man by name lion;a neighbor in their June 14 neighborhood at Kantanmanto–to take her to a spiritualist to help her boost her business.

She is alleged to have used her neighbor’s son as a sacrifice for the ritual.

Kokro,a dog meat seller,who use to sell one dog a day, now sells over fifthy (50) dogs per day to Police inspectors,Soldiers and other affluent people after allegedly using her neighbor’s son for the ritual.

Reacting to the allegation,Kokro, who hails from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region explained to Otwinoko;host of “Nyasem Hwe’ educative program on Accra-based Hot 93.9Fm that, she has never used anyone for rituals to boost her business .

According to her, she has been in the dog business for years without any blemish and as such there is no reason for her to go for spiritual assistance to boost her business.

Kokro,who has however been accused of acquiring properties as a result of the ritual–swore to Otwinoko that she has never gone to any spiritualist with anyone and is willing to go to any extent to prove her innocence.

The case is currently under investigation at the rail way Police station in Accra

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