Founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim also known as Angel Obinim has once again demonstrated his spiritual prowess.

In a video, the Bishop healed a young man suspected to be gay who was seriously sick and paralyzed.

Due to his involvement in gay sex, the man was suffering from several complications and could not walk or do anything on his own.

According to sources, Angel Obinim saw something strange when the young man was sent to the International God’s Way church and after praying for him, he confirmed the guy was a gay.

Angel Obinim revealed that the young man’s condition is as a result of the large quantity of sperms that has accumulated in his body which has destroyed vital organs. This was confirmed by the young man.

The miracle happened immediately Angel Obinim sought for forgiveness and prayed for God’s healing upon his life. The young paralised gay man instantly got up on his feet and walked to the amazement of the congregation.

Two weeks after his miraculous healing, the young man in tears went back to give testimony to the glory of God.

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is known for his ability to perform strange miracles including healing people suffering from HIV and other strange sicknesses, appearing in people’s dream to perform surgery and miraculously crediting the accounts of people with money.

Many beneficiaries of his miracles claim the man of God can give you something in a dream and that particular thing will appear in real life.

Watch full video below