Bishop Daniel Obinim who is the founder of The God’s Way International Church has been sighted in the latest video claimed in earlier sermons to his church members he is no longer an angel of God.

The self-acclaimed man of God declared to the populace about his current graduation from being an ordinary angel to Jesus Christ the savior.

In the video which was spotted by Ghpage earlier the day, saw Angel Obinim in front of his congregation during a church Service when one of the congregants confronted him saying ”Angel, you lied to us. You are not an angel but rather you are Jesus Christ“.

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The outspoken “man of God” after hearing such accolades called the Junior Pastors of his Church to join him in front of the congregation.

Just as they were walking towards him, one of the pastors whom he referred to as “Prophetess Leticia” said “Angel, I am seeing Jesus Christ. you (Obinim) are the one am looking at. You are the Jesus Christ of Nazareth “.

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For those who are still waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ; ‘ Voila!’ he is here with us, located in Africa, precisely Ghana.

This is not the first time Bishop Obinim has spoken about this. In recent time’s the Self-acclaimed man of God also declared himself an angel, a revelation that has led to his new stage name “Angel Obinim”.

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The man of God ‘Obinim’ has always surfaced in the news after he was heard labeling Ghana as a ‘useless’ country which has yet sparked most Ghanaians over those of his ungodly utterances


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