Actor Van Vicker has waded into the controversies surrounding colleague Funny Face’s arrest for unlawful discharge of firearm.

On Wednesday morning, Funny Face called out the Ghana Police Service for what in his opinion was abuse of power with video evidence to back his claims.

Mr Vicker, after assessing the video, has asked eight key questions that could bring the entire brouhaha to an end.

Following how the officers dragged and hit Funny Face, the actor is asking the eight questions to bring clarity.


He said he is not defending or drawing conclusions, but asked the Ghana Police Service to treat all with respect.

“We are humans”, he said.

Read post and watch Funny Face’s arrest video below:

As I watched this video of @therealfunnyface being manhandled by the Ghana Police Service @ghpoliceservice the first thing that came to mind was, WHAT LAW HAS HE BROKEN / WHAT HAS HE DONE WRONG? Currently, I still don’t have an answer; on the search.

I am not privy to any info outside these visuals, hence my concerns as per THIS VIDEO:

1. Was he being arrested?
2. Was he being taken in for questioning?
3. Was the police being ‘vindictive’?
4. Was he resisting to be taken away?
5. Was he pleading to lock up his vehicle and then can be taken?
6. Did the officer HAVE TO hit him with the riffle butt?
7. Seems there was some misunderstanding, what could it be?
8. Etc.

I am NOT holding brief for @therealfunnyface nor am I concluding police brutality, however as per this video, in my opinion, the police COULD HAVE BEEN a little MORE CIVIL.

Just like ALL OF US, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, so if one breeches the law one shall face the full rigor of the consequences thereof, however, we are humans and even as enforcers of the law there is always a latitude to apply discretion depending on the gravity of the situation.


Video below: