Van Vicker and regina daniels
Van Vicker and Regina Daniels

Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, has shared a throwback photo with popular Nollywood actress Regina Daniels looking so small like a baby.

The photo was from a scene of a movie the two shot long ago.

Though we cannot say when exactly the photo was taken, the actor looked younger while the acress appeared to be a child not more than age 10.

The photo was first shared by the now grown-up and big actress which was captioned: “How time flies, guess how old I was here”, accompanied by laughter emojis.


The actor reposted the photo and said that then ‘small Regina’ has grown into a big, beautiful woman today.

The actress, showing how humble she is, replied to the post and said she is still the ‘small Regina’ in the photo.

Rregina.daniels: Oh my!!! I’m still smallie Regina.

The photo has triggered many reactions on social media.