Gospel artiste Sonnie Badu has shared his real life testimony narrating how he has risen from grass to grace through God’s interventions.

Recounting those days, the ardent gospel singer revealed how he used to clean some universities before he could get his daily meal.

He shared how the mother of a lady he wanted to marry warned him to stay away from her daughter because he was a pauper.

“I have worked as a cleaner in London before. I used to clean universities while my age mates were studying. I have also worked as a burger flipper in McDonald’s,” he said.

In a touching message on IG, the music icon urged fans to keep faith alive in God as he’s the only way to true happiness and salvation in life.

He added saying, “I have worked in Tescos, boots, dixon’s, jones boot makers and been homeless before. I wore one suit to church, however it never stopped me from loving God because I understood times and seasons.

“At a point the mother of a young girl I wanted to marry in London told me never to step foot into their house simply because I had nothing.

But “I think she provoked something in me. Today by the grace of God, I am a CEO of almost 10 companies, with an Honorary Doctorate, a UN ambassador with an Honorary key to the city of Brooklyn, an author of 15 books, 3 smashing albums under my record, happily married to a beautiful queen and God has blessed me with 2 kids,” he said.