A pastor of a Nigerian church, who doubles as a die-hard fan of Chelsea, has organised a fasting and prayer session for the club ahead of their cup finals.

The pastor and his congregants will hold a seven-day dry fasting and prayers for Chelsea to win the upcoming UEFA champions league title against Manchester City.

The theme of the service, as sighted on their banner which has gone viral, is ‘O Lord, oppose those who oppose Chelsea FC. We are at war with the city of men of darkness.’

The first prayer point is for the Lord to inspire Guardiola, the current manager of their rival Man City, to make ‘useless’ mistakes that will cost them their victory.

The second prayer point is targeted at the goalkeeper of Man City, specifically to be confused and concede more goals.

The final prayer will be heaped on the entire City team, to render them useless as the ball is dribbled past their territory.


A requirement for the spiritual warfare is for all participants in the battle to avoid sex, so that their prayers will reach the seventh gate of Heaven.

The spiritual warfare will end on the night of 29th May, when Chelsea lifts the UEFA Champions League trophy, which will be their second since a massive victory in 2010.