Ghanaians heard the sad news of the death of veteran actor Psalm Adjetefio, on Friday, April 8, 2022.

TT, according to information died of heart failure. Until his death, TT made two major confessions about his life, and to him, these two confessions are what turned his life upside down.

Here are the two major confessions:

Left his wife for a demon: In 2018, TT made the first major confession in a television interview that he left his wife for another woman.

According to him, this happened when he started featuring in the popular 90s television show, Taxi Driver and started getting some money and attention from other women.

Among the many women, there was one who got his attention so fast.

He soon got involved with this woman, and as a result, sent his wife and children packing.

Later in life, TT described his new golden woman as a demon who came to cause so much turmoil in his entire life

Neglecting his children: After the “demon” took over the management of TT’s life, he was forced to neglect his children.

According to him, when he first left his wife, it was resolved that his children will continue to live with him and the “demon”.

Life, however, became so unbearable for TT’s children because the “demon” would not let them be but continue to maltreat them.

TT said the “demon’s” action forced him to send the children back to their mother because they wanted to go, and he also wanted to please the “demon”.

After they left his side, TT said that was the end of the relationship with his children because he withdrew all supports and refused to take care of them at the orders of the “demon”.

But for the timely intervention of their mother, TT said his children would have become uneducated because he stopped paying their school fees.

Narrating this in subsequent interviews, TT advised men to be wary of women who hover around them when they become famous, or successful because some of them are demons in human form.

He also advised men to, no matter what happens, take care of their children because they are the future.

TT would often end that interview by saying; “I hope my children have forgiven me”.