File photo: Arrest

The Sawla District Police have arrested two men for torturing a woman believed to be in her 70’s at Jintilpe, a village in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district of the Savannah region.

Reports indicate the arrest was made when men in Jintilpe clashed with the police who had gone to the community to rescue the woman who was accused of murder.

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According to sources, the community members accused the woman of witchcraft after a lady in the community was ‘ taken over by the spirit’ of a deceased young man, who mentioned names of his killers.

The irate men in Jintilpe used needles to pierce the hands of the old woman to force her to confess.

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Her family reported the case to the Sawla police who rushed to the community to rescue the old woman, but they were pelted with stones which broke the glasses of the police vehicle.

The police decided to conduct a mass arrest in the community but the people fled into the bushes and other communities.