Archbishop Duncan Williams and his son, Dee Wills
Archbishop Duncan-Williams and his son, Dee Wills

Daniel Duncan Williams, son of the renowned man of God and founder of Christ Action Faith Ministries, Archbishop Duncan Williams, has been spotted in a photo with his family.

The family photo pose comes months after Daniel trended on social media for all the wrong reasons.

The latest photo, however, spots Daniel in a pose with his dad and stepmother in what appeared to at their plush home.

Daniel beamed with smiles as he stood behind his parents who have acted as his rock and shield for many years.

Reports suggest Daniel had returned to the country from the United States of America after he was reported to have taken ill.


Daniel, known by the social media name itsobronipapi, posted the family photo and captioned it: “At the end of the day, it’s all about FAMILY”

The photo has Archbishop Duncan Williams and his wife wearing white and gold apparel as they sat behind a huge dining table.

Daniel wore a grey USA-themed shirt over a pair of shorts as he spotted his usual heavy beard.

The post has warmed hearts and has so far generated a lot of talk from followers online.