The bravery of a commercial vehicle (trotro) driver has led to the arrest of two robbers at Anteku, a suburb of Sowutuom.

According to police reports, a night patrol driver was said to have received a call from the control, indicating there was an ongoing robbery.

Information gathered on the scene is that two suspected thieves robbed a fruit seller and jumped unto their motorbike to escape.

Robbers arrested after trotro driver knocked them into gutter

But, the driver of the Urvan bus noticed the crime and knocked the robbers off the motorbike, before they plunged into a gutter.

The driver had no time to consider his car and passengers before taking the action, resulting in his car somersaulting.

Trotro somersaults after knocking down robbers at Sowutuom

Passengers, specifically those sitting on the front side, sustained injuries.

Four passengers are in serious condition while seven others, including the robbers, are being treated for their minor injuries at the Akawe Government Hospital.