Afrikania Traditional Healers 3

The Regional Chairman for Afrikania Traditional Healers, Jijiri Wajah, has entreated government to preserve the nation’s cultural heritage by integrating traditional healers into the healthcare system of the country.

According to him, Ghanaians are throwing away their culture for alternatives from the West due to lack of understanding of traditional medicine, discrimination, high turnover and declining interest in healing as a profession.

Speaking to climax this year’s yam festival at Damanko at Nkwanta North, Mr Wajah advised Africans to cherish, uphold traditional values and make them reflect in their way of life.

He was concerned about the situation where many Ghanaians adore foreign cultures and despise anything associated with traditional issues.

The traditional healer further urged the government to clamp down on fake practitioners who are always on TV and radio station deceiving the public to reduce the human-killing for money rituals.

According to him, the country is presently facing a myriad of complex challenges that could only be overcomed when the youth stay away from these fake pastors and spiritualists.

However, some of the traditional healers at Damanko also appealed to government to support them to enhance good health and safety among Ghanaians.