The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Goodies Music International, who was also the manager of top acts like Tic, Lord Kenya, Sydney and others, has opened up on life before and after he was arrested at the Kotoka International Airport for possession of narcotic drugs.

Isaac Abeidu Aidoo, who served a prison sentence at Nsawam prison for attempting to smuggle cocaine out of Ghana into the United Kingdom in 2008, said he wouldn’t wish jail for even his enemy.

Narrating his life story on Adom FM‘s Work and Happiness show, Mr Aidoo explained why he tried for the first time to smuggle drugs out of the country at a time when he was the ambassador for Ghana’s Olympic Committee.


Situations and conditions can put you in any situation and the first time I tried, that was my end. And I wouldn’t blame anyone but myself because I took the decision myself.

I wasn’t really having money and I had a big project in London and I was the ambassador for the Olympics committee and I was almost done with my Goodies Music Production there and I wanted to finish it.

He said it never occurred to him that he would be arrested because he had been flying in and out of London many times than he could count and his reputation played a big role for him.

I thought about it and I thought no one would ask me anything and I will still beg that the people I offended should forgive me. I never thought I would be arrested.

Funny enough the person who arrested me was my family member but he didn’t know. It was later that he found out but God had already planned that. He had his reasons. I thought I was finished, he told host Black I.

Climaxing his assertion, he said, I felt good after I was sentenced because going to court was killing me slowly. The pressure from the press and friends were too much. I wanted to be sentenced so I could have my peace of mind and call on God to help me.

It is something I will advise people against. Once you have life there is hope. I wouldn’t even wish for my enemy to go to prison. Even if you put a chicken in a cage and you release it watch how it feels. It is like you are half-dead.

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