Nigerian artiste Portable believes he is a victim of spiritual damnation following series of unfortunate events he has been facing in recent times.

After the raving singer attained his unplanned fame, he has been involved in one setback after another; from almost losing his management team over money issues to being called out for alleged sexual misconduct.

Nigerians have beseeched producers to sideline him from the industry, as they say his recent behaviour does not qualify him to represent Nigerian music.

While bouncing back from the issues, Portable has been left broken again after he was involved in an accident.

He crashed his latest white Range Rover into a building.

The Zazoo Zeh crooner cannot fathom his high-level vehicle with quality brakes could skid off and ram into a building, almost somersaulting in the process.

He believes the recent happenings are as a result of supernatural forces working tirelessly against him.

The crash happened few moments after he engaged his fans in live video.