Dancehall and Reggae musician, Ras Kuuku, has joined the tall list of entertainers advocating for the need to legalise marijuana, popularly known as “wee” in Ghana.

According to him, it has many medicinal benefits, hence the need to decriminalise it for those who need it.

Speaking in an interview, Ras Kuuku denied speculations that users will abuse it when the government decides to tone down on the present law barring the illicit drug.

He explained that, people who smoke marijuana aren’t as bad as many perceive them to be.

Citing instances, he said in many parts of the Western World where it has been legalised, the drug is fetching huge income for these countries.

“I am more than in support for them to legalise it. Have the herbs been abused by those in Canada, US? No one will smoke outside or abuse the measures that it will come with.

“They will never smoke it outside. Have you seen anyone holding an alcohol drinking in front of a police station? No one will do that when the herbs are legalised,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, Ras Kuuku is currently promoting a new album dubbed “3 3 & 1”.