Music Diva MzVee has opened applications for potential suitors to try their luck, as she reveals she is now ready to settle down.

The songstress who in a previous interview revealed she was worried about being single at age 30, said her decision to settle down is not due to external pressure.

According to her, she has always had plans of settling down, and now that she has entered her thirties, she feels it is the right time.

Despite admitting that a “few people” have approached her, MzVee is still open to newer connections.

“I have met a few people [but] it just hasn’t gone past the dating stage. Potentials are welcome I am ready to meet new people, for that particular reason. People can apply,” she said in an interview with Zionfelix.

Men who are relatively taller than her, and are also hardworking stand a better chance of winning her heart.

“My spec; I don’t like short men, I’m sorry. I’m attracted to taller guys. Not too tall but just be taller than me”.

Detailing other ‘specs’, MzVee said her Mr Right must be Godfearing since she wants her future children to be brought up in the religious way of Christ.

The DaaVi hitmaker said she has a soft spot for simple-and-not-too-flashy men.

Asked whether marriage will calm her zeal in the music, MzVee said she was ready to welcome the experience and see how it will mix with her life.

In her opinion, her whole life is centered around risks, and the risk of marriage is one she is ready to take.