Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Debby Bless Foundation, Deborah Abrefi Addae, has sadly recounted how she lost her right arm after a fall.

The incident, she recounted, occurred at age 13 while she was in JHS 2 while she was staying with her grandparents at Dunkwa on Offin.

Narrating the sad story almost drowned in tears, Deborah said she was playing with her neighbour when she accidentally pushed her.

“I was born with two hands and I never managed a day will come in my life for one hand to be amputated. I can’t easily forget the incident because it is still fresh in my memory like it happened yesterday, ” she told Afia Amankwa Tamakloe on Adom TV’s M’ashyase3 show.

Following the incident, Debby said her grandparents did not seek proper medical treatment for her but instead relied on herbal medicine.

Unknowingly, her hand was rotting away and by the time they sent her to the hospital on the insistence of some neighbours, the only option to save her life was amputation.

Debby said she had to adapt to her new life and become more committed to doing things for herself as hard as her new life was.

This was because she didn’t want to feel inferior or let being handicapped prevent her from living life like her age mates.


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“In SHS and university at UDS, there were times people helped me out but because I wouldn’t always like how they went about it and couldn’t complain, I tried to do my things and even learned to wash with my leg,” she said.

Fast forward, she has established the Debby Bless Foundation which is putting smiles on the faces of disabled persons through training and skills acquisition.

Located at Trede in the Ashanti region, Debby stated they have within a year enrolled and trained about 80 people in different areas.

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