The Okada Riders Association of Ghana will, after series of meetings, determine the fate of the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama, in the December elections.

Public Relations Officer of the Association, Solomon Akanaba, said there is a possibility of endorsing the candidate of the NDC for having them in mind.

That notwithstanding, he insisted they will not vote for Mr Mahama solely on his policy to legalise okada but the feasibility of other policies will be weighed.

Meanwhile, Executive Director, Road Safety Advocate Ghana, Nana Annor Amihere, said the okada business is life-threatening and must not be considered as far as transport is concerned.

However, in response, Mr Akanaba, making statistical reference from newspapers, argued that anyone who has such a perspective of Okada is simply not serious, adding that car ranks higher than motorbike accidents.

He was hopeful Mr Mahama’s administration will fulfill its promise after making such a public statement.

Mr Akanaba explained it is the wish of the members to officially register their Association, a dream he believes will come true if Okada is legalised.


The hopes of Okada riders were raised high when presidential hopeful, Mr Mahama, announced he will lay down rules and regulations that would guide Okada riders in their line of duty, thereby making it approved as a means of transport.

The Association has also pledged to abide by all rules necessary to sustain their business.