A 70-year-old woman, Genevieve, who is still a virgin has expressed her desire to find love.

Genevive says it is her wish to find a man aged 21 and get married, but it is not clear, the reason for her decision.

The septuagenarian, who lives alone, has been crawling on the ground for many years of her life.

Sharing her story in an interview on Afrimax, she disclosed she was born a normal girl but under strange circumstances, all hopes by her family to see her walk were dashed as it never happened.

Her disability, believed to have been an infection from a childhood disease, halted her dreams of going to school like every normal child.


It also affected her socialisation process while her sustenance become her sole responsibility following the untimely death of both parents.

However, some neighbours, though not well to do, according to Genevive, have been supportive and give her food which she says doesn’t come often.

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