Team Eternity Ghana, known for their recent gospel hit ‘Defe Defe,’ is facing serious allegations of copyright infringement.

Veteran music producer Kwame Mickey has accused the Christian group of unlawfully sampling a song by one of his artistes, Helleluyah Voices.

The controversy erupted when Kwame Mickey took to social media to express his grievances, posting, “Who is that Defe Defe Singer? If I start right now them go say I am mansonia. What is the difference between the two songs? Somebody tell her to report and do the needful, that’s all.”

In his post, Mickey pointed out striking similarities between the title and lyrics of Team Eternity’s “Defe Defe” and a song released by his Helleluyah Voices 15 years ago.

He claimed that both songs share the same lines, composure, and arrangement, although they feature different melodies.

Mickey’s allegations are bolstered by comparisons showing that the lyrics and structure of “Defe Defe” closely mirror those of the earlier song by Helleluyah Voices, despite the differences in musical composition.

“Defe Defe,” released early this year, has garnered significant attention and acclaim within the gospel music community.

However, this scandal threatens to overshadow its success, raising questions about the originality of Team Eternity’s work.

As of now, Team Eternity has not issued any official response to the accusations.

Listen to both songs below: