Teachers' bungalow left to rot

Some residents of Tarikpaa, a farming community in the Savelugu Municipality of the Northern region, have called on the government and Non-Governmental Organisations to assist in the renovation of their teachers’ bungalow since it’s in a deplorable state.

The facility’s deplorable state is so bad that it requires urgent attention.  The building is faced with a high probability of collapse if it is not attended to since major and deep cracks have become part of the building.

Adom News’ Illiasu Abdul Rauf Dabre’ checks in the community revealed that most of the teachers, who were transferred or posted to the community, have refused to stay in the bungalow due to its current state.

There are deep cracks all over the building, doors and windows on the 20-year-old bungalow.

Some residents of the community complained bitterly to Adom News that the current state of the facility is very worrying and should be attended to as a matter of urgency.

According to them, the bungalow, which was put up 20 years ago, has since not been renovated.

Tarikpaa teachers’ bungalow

A resident, Dramani Adam Simon, said he felt pity for the teachers who live in the deplorable bungalow.

“The first time I saw it I felt pity because looking at it how can a human being sleep in such a building?” he asked. 

Community members have, therefore, appealed to the government as well as Non-Governmental Organisations to come to their aid.

The Assemblyman for the Taripkaa Electoral Area, Mahama Wumbei, confirmed to Adom News that teachers, who have been posted to the community, live in the structure with fear.

According the Assemblyman, he has written to the Savelugu Municipal Assembly severally to bring their attention to the state of the bungalow, but no response has been received so far.

Mr Wumbei added that his greatest fear is that the building may collapse and appealed for help.

Several efforts to contact the Municipal Chief Executive, Hajia Ayishatu Seidu, proven futile.