Waling has taken over a compound in Obuasi as a 21-year-old teacher has committed suicide.

The deceased, identified only as Nana, is described as shy and a staunch Christian, giving his parents no answers as to what may have pushed him to hang himself.

Father of the deceased, speaking to Adom News, said his son was found hanging in his bedroom, with a fallen plastic chair on his bed.

He gave the details that Nana executed the fatal act with a rope from their bathhouse which he connected to the hook of a ceiling fan.

He was discovered already dead, hours after he did not show up at the Montessori where he taught primary pupils.


Nana’s devastated father said he would have had closure to his son’s death if he left a suicide note.

The deceased has been described as a man of few words, an attitude he kept even till his death.