A Taxi driver, Kwadwo Owusu, has narrated given a sad account of how he almost died in a domestic fire explosion.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness show, the father of four said on day the said day, he was at a fitting shop repairing his faulty taxi when he was invited over to his friend’s house for lunch.

He recalled that he had only GHS10 on him, an amount they both decided to use to purchase ingredients for braised rice and ground pepper.

“After we bought the stuff for oil and rice, I was lighting fire in a coal pot with a disposed polythene that was expected to facilitate the lighting of the fire. My friend attempted to pour some content I suspect to be diesel from a gallon because the fire failed to light as a result of the wet rubber,” he said.


According to him, he was still attempting to light a matchstick but unbeknown to him, his friend had poured diesel from another gallon even though he had advised him not to.

“I had bent down trying to light the fire when all of a sudden my friend came back and poured something from the gallon which coincided with the matchstick; before I could stand up, the fire lit up my dress and burnt my face and body, especially my chest,” he continued.

He recounted how he was just running to and fro in an attempt to remove his shirt until a neighbour splashed him with water which put out the fire.

He was subsequently rushed to a district hospital after which he was referred to the burns unit at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

He suspects his ordeal was a premeditated plot by his friend to end his life because he was nowhere to be found throughout the entire ordeal till date