File photo: Gun

Four men have shot a man and his wife at Takoradi Amanful in what could be described as a broad daylight robbery.

According to sources, the armed robbers trailed the couple to the bank where they had reportedly withdrawn some money.

As the couple drove out in their white Sonata, witnesses told Adom News’ Lord Tawiah that the miscreants, driving motorcycles, followed the victims.

Upon reaching Amanful East, a suburb of Takoradi, the victims sensed danger and parked their car in the middle of the road, but that did not deter the robbers.


Witnesses said the men rushed to the occupants of the car and asked for the cash before giving each of them two bullets in the thigh.

The robbers are said to have reached out for the money before speeding off in full glare of some shaken traders.

The victims were immediately aided and transported to the Effiakwanta Hospital where they are currently receiving treatment.