File photo: Gavel

An alleged robber has challenged a Police Prosecutor over Attorney General’s advice in a case in which he and two others had allegedly robbed and raped their victims at gun point.

Ismael Akyene aka Israel Nana Damascus told the Kaneshie District Court that he did not understand why he was arraigned at a Circuit Court in Accra and now moved to the District Court.

According to him, the Attorney General had given its advice on his case docket and challenged the Prosecution for forwarding the docket again to the AG for advice.

Police Prosecutor Chief Inspector Simon Apiorsornu informed the District Court that accused persons were before it pending the committal proceedings and that the Police had also forwarded the case docket to the AG’s office for advice.

Chief Inspector Apiorsornu prayed the Court to read out the charges and facts “because it was a committal case.”

According to him, the pleas of the accused should be preserved.

This did not go down well with the suspect and he raised questions about the AG’s advice.

The District Court, presided over by Ms. Ama Adomako Kwakye, asked accused what the advice was.

Accused: “The advice was that we are to be charged with robbery and rape.”

The District Court judge explained to the accused that because there were charges of rape, the Circuit Court did not have the jurisdiction to try the matter.

According to the judge, the case ought to be put before the district court for committal, so they could stand trial at the High Court.

He is standing trial with Daniel Akpan aka Nseh and Asuquo Mbuotidem Edem aka Faith, on charges of conspiracy, 13 counts of robbery and seven counts of rape.

The matter has been adjourned to May 3.