Some members of the striking Senior Staff Association and the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU), clashed with the police during a demonstration at the University of Ghana.

The group was ordered to end their protest because they did not observe the Public Order Act.

Subsequently, JoyNews captured a video of two policemen manhandling a protester for reasons that are still unclear, with other demonstrators attempting to prevent the police from harming their member.

Members of the two groups managed to free their colleague from the grip of the police, and attempted to interrogate the policeman on what their colleague might have done to warrant such treatment.

In response to the query the police said,  “Did  you see what he did?”

The man was subsequently arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, TEWU says it will be forced to shut down lecture halls and prevent students of the University of Ghana from writing their exams if the government does not address their concerns. 

Speaking to the media on January 23, 2023, TEWU Chairman of the Legon branch, Ken Botchway, explained that inasmuch they are concerned about the impact their strike would have on students, it was the only way to get the government’s attention.

“This is my working environment, I hold a condition of service, this is what is supposed to be done. There are managers in place, and if the managers are tempering with the condition of service, we will withdraw our services and that is it.

“No exam will go on. All the examination halls will be locked up. All the necessary tools that will be used for the examination will be locked up. Yes, that is what is going to happen. It is not a threat but we don’t want to get there.

He mentioned that anytime the government calls them to the negotiation table and address all their concerns, they would end the strike.

“Let us get to the table, let us get the modalities to settle the pension schemes, and do not tamper with conditions of service. Bear in mind that no single person can sit on one side and [modify] a negotiated condition of service. It is never done anywhere. Either you improve upon it or you maintain it,” he said.