Murtala Mohammed

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale Central, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, has descended heavily on his colleague Minority MPs over the divisiveness following the ministerial approvals.

According to the former Deputy Trade and Industry Minister, the caucus had a meeting prior to the approval; therefore they must all carry the blame for the outcome.

“We had a caucus meeting and I think that, sometimes, the hypocrisy ought to stop. Those who are attempting to appear saintly should give us a break.

“We had a caucus meeting and in the caucus meeting, we took a decision. The leadership made it clear to us. We needed to reject these nominees. That was what happened,” he narrated on Accra FM.

Though he claims some of his colleagues stabbed the caucus in the back, he said there is no need for people to act as saints.

“We went in there and some people did the most embarrassing thing and now they don’t want to take the blame. All of us, including myself, we must be blamed but we should not just assume that everybody voted for those people,” he said.


He further urged his colleagues to be opened to criticisms in their line of duty.

“We delivered the Speaker, they praised us and we were happy, so, if we failed to deliver in the approval or disapproval of those ministers, we should not be defensive. We should be apologetic,” he urged.