Former Member of Parliament for the Nanton constituency, Murtala Mohammed insists the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will return to power in the next decades if it treads the path it is following now.

According to the former legislator, the NDC is currently at a crossroad and may suffer more cracks if it leadership fail to desist from pleasing the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“The NDC is at crossroads now. Let us stop pretending to appear like decent politicians who want to be seen and praised by the NPP and that we are doing different kind of politics. If we continue with this attitude then we must as well be preparing to come back to power in the next 30 to 40 years,” he observed.

Commenting on the new development of Parliament bribery scandal on Radio Gold current affairs program, Alhaji and Alhaji Saturday, Murtala Mohammed who was also the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry in the Mahama administration, bemoaned the modus operandi of the Minority in Parliament.

“It simply doesn’t make sense. What interest do you have to please somebody who is engaged in wrong? Whose interest will it serve and that there should be a political gerrymandering to impose leaders because people have an agenda either in 2016 or 2020? Let’s get serious because that won’t work,” he lamented.

He added “there isn’t any division and this is not an attempt to undermine the leadership of the Minority. It is to expose the NPP and the very people who are engaged in corrupt acts who have accused us of corruption throughout.”

source: radiogold