Kwaku Manu
Kwaku Manu

Actor Kwaku Manu has asked those accusing Kumawood stars of neglecting Bishop Bernard Nyarko to stop because the late actor never wanted to see any of the Kumawood stars around him.

On the latest edition of his Aggressive Talk show which he posted on YouTube on Friday, May 8, Kwaku Manu claimed that Bishop Bernard Nyarko made it clear he didn’t want any of them near him.          

“Bernard Nyarko never picked my calls or those from the other actors. We kept asking ourselves where he was because he was one of us. He granted an interview with Zionfelix saying he didn’t need us forgetting that we were his family too,” he said.
Kwaku Manu said although this was not the time to apportion blame, it was about time he cleared the air about allegations that the Kumawood stars did not care for Bernard Nyarko’s welfare.
“Some of us were willing to support because we are in the same profession but Bernard Nyarko and his family never made it possible.


“We never knew where he was all we knew was he was not well. Wayoosi needed help when he was sick and we came to his rescue because he is one of us. Bishop Nyarko never allowed any of us to get close to him and offer any kind of help,” he said.                                                                                  

Kwaku Manu said it was wrong for Bishop Bernard Nyarko and his family to prevent the Kumawood stars from seeing him and offering any kind of assistance.      

“I hope no one will blame us if we don’t attend the main funeral because he made it so. There is unity in Kumawood but some others are simply dividing it.

“I want to tell Oboy Siki aka Boys Boys to stop tarnishing the image of Kumawood stars, especially since the late Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s death. He goes around on radio and says all sorts of things about us just to win sympathy from Bishop’s family,” Kwaku Manu added.

Sharing his view on how all these controversies came about Kwaku Manu said some of the Kumawood actors who had tried to see Bernard Nyarko but were not successful spoke out of anger in interviews on Multimedia platforms and accused his mother of being behind her son’s illness.  

“I was part of the actors who were at Multimedia but I think some of them went overboard and said things they shouldn’t have. To tell someone’s mother she is behind her son’s sickness and they will never forgive her if the man died was not appropriate,” Kwaku Manu said. 
Kwaku Manu also pleaded with journalists to stop asking Kumawood stars ‘silly questions’ about the death of Bernard Nyarko.