File photo: A pastor

A-seventeen-year old mother, Abigail Desewu, resident of Adeiso in the Eastern region of Ghana has revealed how she almost killed her daughter upon a pastor’s directive.

According to her, the child’s inability to walk, neither sleep nor talk since birth had become her greatest nightmare as a young mother.

She disclosed this while narrating her ordeal when her mother’s friend, identified as Evangelist Janet, accompanied her to Crime Check Ghana’s office.

“When my mother and I realised the child was not sleeping anymore and was always crying, we went to see a pastor who told us to go and bury the child because such children are cursed.


“He also told us my child has been sent by a river to frustrate and kill my mother so it is better we let her die or bury her. I believed what the pastor said so when we came home, we just left her so she can die on her own,” she recounted.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged woman said madam Desewu’s mother on several occasions expressed worry over whether indeed the child is a river child.

“I believed the child could be sick and would need medical attention so I told my daughter to call her to bring the child but when they brought her, I was told she had not been fed for the past five days. So I quickly rushed to get the baby coconut water,” she said.

When she was asked of the whereabouts of her child’s father, she said the man had refused to take care of the child because of her disability.

The Executive Director of Crime Check Foundation CCF, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, during the interview asked madam Desewu if she was sure of her sanity as a human being and as a matter of fact, a mother.

She said she was very sane and was just following the words of the pastor but after she brought the child to Evangelist Janet she has come to agree with her that her daughter’s condition needs medical attention.

As part of CCF’s Health Check series, the Foundation through one of its Belgium-based donors, Happy Yourself, donated an amount of three hundred Ghana cedis (equivalence of fifty Euro) to Evangelist Janet to help the child seek medical attention immediately.

The group has also pledged its commitment to ensure the child gets the best medical attention.

Crime Check Foundation is also appealing to the general public to come on board to support the child to undergo all medical processes she may need.

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