All People’s Congress (APC) leader, Hassan Ayariga, says Martin Amidu has now become useless as a Special Prosecutor.

Mr Ayariga says the failure of the Office of Special Prosecutor only symbolises the failure of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The APC leader said both the NPP and the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) have taken turns in the last 27 years to disappoint Ghanaians in government.

While he was being grilled by Nana Ampofo Adjei on The Big Agenda, Thursday evening, Mr Ayariga expressed optimism of winning the December polls to rescue Ghanaians from the ‘incompetence’ of the NPP and NDC.

In pursuit of that dream, he said, the APC will outdoor it’s Vice Presidential Candidate in mid-September and its manifesto at the end of next month.

Pushed to give a foretaste of the manifesto, the founder asserted the APC now believes in both Capitalism and Socialism; and, as such cannot tie its apron strings to the social-democratic NDC, like it did in 2016.

In a manner reminiscent of the late Dan Lartey; when Mr Ayariga was asked whether his running-mate would be male or female, he replied: “He will be a Ghanaian.”

Asked whether he was not going to waste his money – looking at the strengths of the capitalist-leaning NPP and socialist-inclined NDC, Mr Ayariga retorted: “Is the money your money?”