The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed disappointment in the Electoral Commission(EC), after it announced the presence of some minors and foreigners in the voters’ register, despite the stern process.

The decision to clear names of ineligible voters does not sit well with the NDC, which believes the EC will use the opportunity to fuel its agenda of favouring the ruling party.

Speaking on the issue on Adom TV’s The Big Agenda, Deputy Communications Officer of the NDC, Kweku Boahene said the decision is unfounded, having considered the remaining processes; including exhibition of the register before December 7.

“New Patriotic Party (NPP) did not get many registrants at their stronghold so they are looking for means possible to increase their sympathisers. EC wants to go under the sheets of Akufo-Addo, John Boadu or Freddy Blay to disenfranchise majority of NDC sympathisers,” he said.

To cement his claims, Mr Boahen posed some questions to the NPP on the rush to clean the new biometric register.

Mr Boahen asked the EC and its supporters this question: Why are they so sure the ineligible people they said have bloated the register are below 18 years, having declared birth certificate invalid?

Then again, he wants answers on how a registrant with Ghana card, and/or two guarantors still fails to meet the 18-year requirement.


Next, what right does the EC have to clear names of registrants who have been challenged, but yet to undergo verification?

Answering Mr Boahene’s questions, Deputy Communications Director for the NPP, Nana Yaw Preko said the NDC was bent on opposing the new voters’ register and every explanation would be thrown out by the party.

He believed the EC, having given the mandate to undergo the process, did a smooth operation, and advised the NDC to let sleeping dogs lie.