Fashionista Osebo, well known in Ghana for his trending photos on social media, has disclosed that the job of pushing trucks paved the way for him to become a successful businessman.

In an interview on Accra-based Onua FM over the weekend, Osebo revealed that he decided to quit school after he completed ‘Form 4’ even though he was brilliant at school.

He said he decided to quit school because his father, who was a police officer then, was not earning that much to cater for all his six children.

As a result, Osebo said he decided to sacrifice for the rest of his siblings because he was the first child.

His father was, however, not in support of his intention, he said.

He said during that time he didn’t have his own truck so he had to hire one to enable him to make money at the end of the day.


Osebo disclosed that he pushed the truck for four years at Suhum where there was an elderly man who was in his 60s who hired him to carry his goods for him but refused to pay him for his service on four occasions.

According to him, one day, the man gave him CFA to change into Cedis for him but on his return, the man had left so he kept the money with his father.

The man, who was a Togolese, returned and when he saw him, he asked for his money.

Osebo said he went home and brought the money to the man after which he carried bags of cement to Asamankese station for the same man.

Osebo said he thought the man was going to pay him for his service on that day, but after offloading the cement, the man gave him the direction to his village and asked him to pay him a visit.

When he visited the man in his village, the man gave him an envelope which contained a Togolese passport.

He said in those days, holders of Togolese passport could travel to Italy or Germany without a Visa, so he went to Tip-Toe Lane in Accra, near Kwame Nkrumah Circle for his passport picture to be replaced with the one the Togolese passport.

That passport, he said, took him to Italy where his life changed completely.

He said subsequently, he has been able to change the life of all his siblings who are all successful outside the country currently.