Some military men have stripped an upcoming Ghanaian musician, Theo Versace, of the military fatigues he was wearing.

The army men were seen in a video stripping the artiste of his military clothing.

They surrounded the musician, who was standing by his car, when they spotted him in army fatigues.

They then asked the musician to take off his pants.

The musician then handed over his pants to the military men, got into his car and sped off.

The Ghana Armed Forces, in a statement dated Friday, 1 July 2022, said it had begun series of exercises to curb the unlawful sale and use of military fatigues and accoutrements.

It follows their continuous use by some persons and institutions without permission.

According to the GAF, “these acts create a sense of insecurity in the country and tarnish the image of the military”.

GAF said it would “not allow this situation to persist and will, henceforth, step up the arrests of these persons and deal with them drastically but in accordance with the due process of the law.”

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