Bridget Otoo with Lydia Forson at former's wedding
Bridget Otoo with Lydia Forson at former's wedding

Two days after her most-talked-about wedding, Bridget Otoo has taken to social media to extol Lydia Forson for her unparalleled support, remarking that the actress is a dependable and selfless friend.

The post made on August 15, 2022, captured scenes from the wedding with Lydia Forson either cheerfully interacting with the bride or taking pictures of the epic moment while another photograph documented the quality time they spent in a pool in the Western Region.

“Everyone needs a Lydia Forson in their life,” Bridget Otoo stated as she draws a distinction between Lydia Forson’s posture and the Shatta Movement family.

“The kind of friendship that isn’t for show, not for likes and plastic smile for SM. The kind of friend that would show up! Show up in every aspect of your life. I’m proud to call you a sister. I love you so so much. Thank You.”

The response of the actress highlighted the virtues of the broadcaster which she said were inestimable.

“It’s always so easy because you’re one of the kindest people I know (too kind) and I always tell you I can never measure up to how kind and generous you are- pressure! P.S next time let’s have the ceremony in the pool,” Lydia Forson noted.

Bridget Otoo got married on August 13, 2022, in the Western Region. Her husband, Dr Evans Ago Tetteh, is a lecturer and a transportation consultant.