L-R: Sister Derby, Medikal & Fella Makafui
File Photo: L-R: Sister Derby, Medikal and Fella Makafui

Singer Sister Derby is in no mood to douse the flame between her and actress Fella Makafui.

The singer has rekindled issues surrounding her break-up with rapper Medikal, a break-up many people have blamed on Fella Makafui for being the one to snatch the rapper from her.

Recent reports, especially on social media suggest Medikal has parted ways with Fella after he allegedly cheated on her.

The Oma Ada hitmaker has rendered many apologies to Fella to the extent of visiting her wine and liquor shop with some friends but all to no avail.  


Fella Makafui has failed to disclose what really sparked the split-up rumours but Sister Derby believes the rumours are true.

According to her, Fella was the cause of her break-up with Medikal, adding that Fella used to text Medikal frequently even when she was dating him.

She added that Fella’s relationship with Medikal wouldn’t stand the test of time in “Talk to Your Boyfriend” song composed by emerging artiste, Enam.

Then I dey talk to my boyfriend now ex. Wey your phone dey send him ‘chaw’ text. [sic] You knew he was with me but you wanted to minus me. We wanted to multiply but you came to divide. This math has only one outcome, the same thing will happen to you,” were some of the lyrics contained in the song.