File Photo: L-R: Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia
File Photo: L-R: Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia

Musician Sista Afia’s threats to beat colleague Freda Rhymz was taken with a pinch of salt until the duo clashed Monday morning.

Their encounter went beyond a lyrical war as the rivals engaged in a hot exchange which became physical in no time.

But for the prompt intervention of some bystanders, an angry Sista Afia who removed her shoes, ready for battle would have devoured Freda Rhymz in the premises of TV3.

All she kept blurting out was “come and say it in my face”, in response to the jabs thrown at her in Freda’s multiple diss songs.

The interveners had a difficult task separating the duo who wanted to prove who is indeed the ‘biggest’ lyrically and physically.

Freda Rhymz eventually backed out but Sista Afia who had gone gaga followed her to the car in which he was driving until calm was eventually restored.

Below are the exchanges: