News of Medikal gifting Fella Makafui an AMG Benz spread like wildfire, but it seems the issue has shifted from congratulatory messages to doubts.

Some internet users, who believe the outburst of love was just a show off, have sniffed around for information regarding source and ownership of the car.

It seems their spy has paid off as photos of the vehicle registration card have been sighted and lo and behold, Fella’s name appears missing in the ownership slot.


According to reports, Medikal allegedly registered the car in his name, making him the rightful owner of the Benz, and gifting it to Fella is just a show-off.

Social media is on fire following the latest discovery as most netizens believe the couple are just exposing themselves to unnecessary mockery.

However, Fella’s manager, explaining why the car was registered in Medikal’s name, hinted they were yet to process change of documents since the car was bought personally by the latter.