File photo: Crime

Some residents of Sehwi Asafo in the Wiaso Municipality have attacked four persons believed to be land guards for bullying a physically challenged woman.

The suspects demolished a 10-bedroom self-contained house belonging to the victim, Akisi Vivian, over ownership of land.

Two out of the four suspects managed to escape the attack while the rest narrowly escaped lynching.

Madam Vivian, narrating her ordeal to Adom News, said the suspects once confronted her and claimed ownership of the land on which she was building.

She added that she bought the land with her last savings in a bid to set up property as she had been rendered incapable following an accident which saw her amputated.

After paying no heed, she said the group of men dragged her to the police station, and the matter is still in court.

Without waiting for a verdict, the men are said to have on their own authority pulled down the building while she was away.

Residents, who witnessed the event, demanded they cease fire, but they were greeted with hostility.


Consequently, the Sehwi youth launched an attack on them, injuring two in the process.

But for the intervention of the Assembly man for the area, Vincent Afriyie, the suspects would have been lynched.

They have been hospitalised at the St John of God facility under strict supervision.

Mr Afriyie urged the police to work on the case and ensure justice reigns.