Mr Yeboah recounts strange things he has witnessed in one popular cemetery in Kumasi

A security man in one of the popular public cemeteries in Kumasi, Mr Yeboah, has recounted strange things he has witnessed after he took over as caretaker of the burial grounds.

According to him, he believes the job is his calling because his grandfather elected him as one who should succeed him after his demise.

In an interview, Mr Yeboah said he has seen many unnatural happenings that go a long way to prove to him that supernatural things do exist.

Narrating one of the events that got him spooked, Mr Yeboah said he has buried more than four newborn babies that were packaged in plastic bags and dropped off as refuse in the cemetery.

Another thing he said was that lots of ritualists visit the burial grounds to take their shower – the recent one he said the man left behind his bucket, sponge, soap and underwear.

He said when people leave their belongings behind, he makes no effort to touch them because he has no idea what rituals they came to perform.


Mr Yeboah added that some pastors and occultists also visit the cemetery at dawn where they perform all sorts of incantations and rituals for powers.

Meanwhile, Mr Yeboah said one thing that surprised him the most was when he visited the cemetery one morning to find a doll pinned to a big tree.

He continued that, the tree was so huge but in a few days time, the tree started to die off with no sign of it growing back.

Among other things, he said some faceless people also visit the cemetery in an attempt to take body parts from the cadavers.

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