L-R: Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

When the word ‘Banku’ is mentioned in Ghana, the first thought that comes to mind is food.

That is because Banku is a local dish eaten with pepper, soup or stew or a combination of the three. It is made from fermented corn dough and cassava dough.

However, Ghanaians have managed to make the word become part of the many homonyms. Banku has been used in place of the words; fake, counterfeit by Twitter users.

What is the context? Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has been trending alongside Banku. This is because the two are intertwined in this story.

Sarkodie tweeted a post that showed one @EphraimKwao selling Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Cat 2020 sneakers for GH¢300 when the original price is $1,068.

Suggesting that the sneaker being sold is not authentic, Sarkodie told @EphraimKwao, “Bruh don’t do that.”

Since then, images of Sarkodie with his sneakers highlighted have been circulating. Users have been speaking of the cost of original or authentic sneakers and the rise in the number of counterfeits on the market.

According to some, they have no other option than to go for the ‘Banku’ sneakers as their pockets cannot afford the sneakers that are worth millions of Ghana cedis and thousands of dollars.

In recent times, images of sneakers with unknown brands such as ADIBAS, NIKES, and others have emerged. The originals are Adidas and Nike.

While some are viewing the trend as a satire, others are offended by Sarkodie’s tweet.

They argued that not all Ghanaians have the wealth the rapper has been able to amass, therefore, will go for the inferior kinds.

According to some users, Ghanaians are aware of the Banku trend and do not need a reminder.

Prominent among those who are against Sarkodie is Shatta Wale, who claims Sarkodie isn’t aware of the hardships people are facing in the country.

Ah broda sark paa… u deh watch ghana economy deh talk like this … Maybe Yes, God has been good to us but not everyone is like us. U get me lol I beg relax give street boys cuz u no deh street ,Ade street 247 ,,,Ground hot ruff.

Sarkodie & Banku are trending on Twitter; Shatta Wale reacts
Sarkodie & Banku are trending on Twitter; Shatta Wale reacts