Uncle Ebo Whyte

Renowned Ghanaian playwright, James Ebo Whyte, has hinted elderly men are good at sex compared to the youth as most people think and believe.

Contrary to the notion that the youth enjoy sexual activity more, Uncle Ebo Whyte, as he is popularly known, says it gets better as one grows.

“All of you in your 20s who think you are enjoying sex, you don’t know anything because sex gets better with age and for me, that is what has been comforting,” he said on ‘Encore with Ebo Whyte.’


To him, people in their 20s should shut up and not make faces when it comes to debates on sexual activities, adding they must wait till they are 66 and come up with rebuttal.

Citing himself, he said: “In my 20s, I thought I wasn’t that bad but with the years, I said oh my God, so what were we doing when we were younger?”