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Poland imports gas from Gazprom via the Yamal pipeline

The Russian energy giant, Gazprom says it has cut off all gas deliveries to both Bulgaria and Poland after both countries refused to start paying for the supplies in roubles.

Earlier, both Polish and Bulgarian energy providers said they had received official notices from the Russian gas supplier that deliveries were due to be cut.

Gazprom’s announcement comes after some confusion earlier this morning, when data showed gas supplies into Poland through Belarus temporarily reduced to zero before resuming.

Bulgaria’s gas network had also said the country was still receiving Russian gas as of this morning.

We are yet to see any data of gas volumes into Poland or Bulgaria since Gazprom’s announcement just now.

Both countries have refused to pay in roubles – the Russian currency – as demanded by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

PGNiG bought 53% of its gas imports from Gazprom in the first quarter of this year, but Warsaw says it can get gas from other sources.

It described the suspension as a breach of contract, adding that the company would take steps to reinstate the gas supply.

Bulgaria, which relies on Gazprom for more than 90% of its gas supply, also said it had taken steps to find alternative sources but no restrictions on gas consumption were currently required.

The country’s energy ministry said Bulgaria had fulfilled its obligations under the current contract with Gazprom and made all required payments.

It added that the new payment system proposed by Russia was in breach of the existing contract.