At a time when most Ghanaian celebrities are kicking against the recent lookalike craze plaguing social media, Rev Obofour has welcomed his with open arms.

Fake Obofour and Prophet Kyei Duah’s lookalike mimicked the two men of God in a hilarious video that caught Rev Obofour’s eye.

Visiting Rev Obofour’s church for the first time, the lookalikes were invited to the altar where their actions were appreciated.

Rev Obofour disrupted her church ministrations to lecture on why he holds the belief lookalikes are a positive image and not impersonators as that have been labelled.

“Nobody wishes to look like a bad person, they only imitate good and prestigious persons. It is an honour that someone wants to be like me so I also have to respect and appreciate them. This is a world of comedy and he chose to honour me while I am alive so I will also reciprocate,” he said.

After the lengthy talk, he blessed his lookalike with the 5k and promised to be in touch more often.

Rev Obofour was amazed by the striking resemblance he bears with his lookalike – from the height, to complexion, bushy beard and even his receding hairline.


Watch video below: