A Prophetess in Oyinbo Rivers State in Nigeria, Blessing Chidinma Prince, has revealed how God directed her to warn Bobrisky to repent from his abominable ways lest be incurably sick.

The prophetess, whose message about Nigeria’s election came to pass in 2018, is confident Bobrisky’s prophesy will not be an exception.

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Bobrisky ,a popular Nigerian transgender has clapped back at the prophetess on Instagram concerning her prophesy of doom.

According to him, many who are not transgender and cross-dressers like him are worse off, adding that gender identity and sexual orientation does not determine how good or bad one is.

He further described the prophetess as a “Schizophrenic and malevolent” person in the guise of spirituality.

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Additionally, angry Bobrisky asked the prophetess to channel her “gift” into eradicating crimes, joblessness and corruption in the country.

Bobrisky is confident he will not die because he believes God is kind and full of compassion so anyone who thinks he will die should start planning their burial for him to attend.