Reggie Rockstone shares old photo with wife Zilla as he celebrates 21-years wedding anniversary in 2023

Ghana’s celebrated musician and entrepreneur, Reggie Rockstone and wife, Zilla have celebrated 21st wedding anniversary.

In a heartfelt post on Instagram that garnered the attention of his over a million followers, Reggie expressed his gratitude and joy for this remarkable journey, attributing their enduring love to a higher power.

In the Instagram post, Reggie Rockstone openly acknowledged the role of God in their marriage, giving thanks for reaching this extraordinary milestone.

The post was accompanied by a heart-warming throwback photo of the couple, radiating love and joy with the caption: “❤️+❤️= ROCKZILLA =21YRS TODAY!!! PRAISE THE MOST HIGH ELOHIM AMEN.”

Reggie Rockstone, who is founder of the Ghanaian music genre “hip life,” recently celebrated his 59th birthday.

His wife, Zilla, is equally accomplished. She is a qualified medical practitioner and the sixth child of former President of Ghana, late Dr. Hilla Liman.

Their journey as a couple is deeply intertwined, having attended the same high school and collaborated in managing their thriving businesses, including the popular “Rockz Waakye.”

The couple’s enduring love story has earned them the status of a power couple in Ghana, with a strong fan base.

Netizens and celebrities joined in the celebration, commenting on Reggie’s post with heartfelt congratulations and love.