EC Chairperson, Jean Adukwei Mensa
EC Chairperson, Jean Adukwei Mensa

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has urged all political parties with representatives at registration centres nationwide to disclose their data regarding the ongoing limited voters’ registration exercise.

This call for transparency aims to align the parties’ data with the EC’s records and dispel any allegations of clandestine registrations, thereby bolstering public trust in the electoral process.

In an official press release, the Commission highlighted its commitment to transparency, noting that political parties have access to daily data sharing, as well as the presence of their agents at all registration centres.

Additionally, accredited observer groups and media personnel are granted access to monitor registration activities across the country.

Meanwhile, the EC provides agents of political parties with both start-of-day and end-of-day reports to facilitate cross-checking against their records, ensuring consistency in voter registration figures.

While acknowledging errors in specific infographics, the Commission clarified that these inaccuracies did not affect the overall number of registered voters per district and region.

Emphasizing the accuracy of its data, the EC stated that no political party has contested the registration figures published by the Commission, as they align with their own records.

Addressing allegations raised by Election Watch Ghana regarding missing Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) Kits being used for covert registrations, the EC refuted these claims as unfounded.

Nonetheless, the Commission clarified that while five laptops were reported missing, they cannot be activated independently for voter registration without the accompanying BVR kit components such as a fingerprint scanner, a digital camera, and a printer.

The EC emphasized that the missing laptops were distinct from the BVR kits and reiterated its communication to stakeholders regarding the missing equipment.

Furthermore, it denounced attempts to mislead the public by associating the missing laptops with BVRs, emphasizing that the laptops alone are incapable of facilitating voter registration.

Overall, the EC reaffirmed its commitment to transparency and urged political parties to collaborate in ensuring the integrity of the voter registration process.